Jean Nordquist's Vintage Christmas Ornament Workbook - WKBK9

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Jean Nordquist's Vintage Christmas Ornament Workbook - Workbook #9 - WKBK9
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The following is a partial list of features of this workbook:

  • 27 Ornament are completely described employing 179 full color photos on 30 pages.
  • 43 more photos show more ornaments created by Jean to inspire you.
  • 141 photos of antique ornaments in full color are included on 19 pages. These are some of the images that inspired Jean.
  • 58 vintage Christmas candy boxes are printed in multiple sizes for you to cut out, fold and glue together like animal cracker boxes to display as toys.
  • 159 cardstock paper scrap faces are reproduced for you to utilize for faces for all your angels and Santas if you had no others to employ.
  • 8 cardstock jumping jacks are included. You need to add your own paper brads to their joints to make them move after cutting all out.
  • 32 full figured cardstock reproduction images are included to cut out and utilize in your ornaments like mine.
  • 27 die cut paper dolls with all their parts are also included to use as ornaments. Process is shown.
  • 4 pages of brick printed on parchment are provided for covering your chimneys and fireplaces.
  • Optional resources to purchase include: (1) 12 Ornament kits, (2) 5 pages of gold embossed die cut Dresden images, (3) 2 pages of 3 dimensional Dresdens like those I use for a few of my ornaments (4) Tinsel wire (lametta), Decorative wire (steifkantille), Decorative Roping and glitter all imported from Germany, (5) 13 die cut shapes, (6) crepe paper like the old made in Germany and (7) beard materials
  • Last but not least I include all clothing patterns utilized with each project and then on a separate page to remove from the book printed on cardstock to withstand wear and tear

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