Victorian Christmas Curios Project - VPD77

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Victorian Christmas Curios Project - VPD77
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If you've always wanted to display an opulent old fashioned cabinet full of antique style Christmas goodies this is the project for you. It incorporates porcelain bisque dolls along with making your own mask faced Santas using cotton batting for bodies, crepe paper, tinsel trims, cones, rosettes, snowy glitter and all styles antique to create holiday ornaments. This project includes over 250 images to utilize plus 65 color illustrations along with the complete step by step instructions. If you look closely you will see fans, shadow boxes, jumping jacks, candy cones with netting, decorative metallic strips, mini Christmas tree decorations, 3-D star ornaments and so much more. The cloth dolls are found in our panel doll section. 

Below please find links to Cabinet Plans and 20 Mini Victorian Children's Books.

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