Millinery Shop "Maison de Chapot" - VPD74

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Millinery Shop "Maison de Chapot" - VPD74
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Jean Nordquist's Millinery Shop "Maison de Chapot" for 12" Fashion Dolls.Included are all the directions for building the 28" long by 12-1/2" deep by 18" high shop plus all the graphics to create the hat boxes, framed ladies in hats prints on the walls, paper accessories shown on the counter and shelves plus so much more. Also find instructions on stenciling the floor, making anaglypta embossed wall paper and even creating a French wax mannequin head hat stand.

Last but not least note that the project also includes 8 fabulous hat patterns (Click thumbnail to left to see pictures.)

Available to go with the Millinery Shop are the following kits: Hat Stands, Hat Boxes, Hat Shop Frames and Pedestal Table. (Listed/Linked below).

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