Holiday Sleigh Display - VPDJN133

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Holiday Sleigh Display - VPDJN133
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Holiday Sleigh Display - VPDJN133 


Contains complete instructions to help you assemble the 6 piece sleigh with base. Also included is cotton batting to cover the base and dowel rod to glue across the top front of the sleigh.

Contains 5 additional die cuts for two little sleighs to ride on the base filled with your items plus three boxes - a cube, a pyramid, and a hex to fill with your items to display within the large main sleigh.

Contains three cardstock pages of graphics of scrap images to utilize to create one large and 32 small Santas, 67 scrap children's faces to make cotton batting or crepe paper figures to arrange, 1 donkey rocker, 4 snow houses, and 29 candy boxes. Instructions included to make all.

It should be noted that any sort of small Christmas collectibles will work well in my sleigh including antique or collectible items, reproduction items and modern items simply purchased in your local craft or big box stores. I include several places I like to shop for such items.

I also include resources to find difficult to find items for reproducing old Christmas items.

Please note that all antique items besides the listed items above are from my collection and are not included.

This project ships in a flat legal size envelope by priority mail and includes all chipboard die cuts and flat paper instructions and images for you to make.

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