Doll Accessories Potpourri - VPD52

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Doll Accessories Potpourri - VPD52
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With this project pack you can create the ultimate in accessories for your Bleuette, 12" fashion dolls, and other dolls up to 24" tall. Included are an antique paper fan in three sizes that actually opens and closes, a glove box in 2 sizes and a pattern for the gloves, a Beccasine alphabet book for Bleu, an antique children's cookbook, pre 1900 paper dolls in a folder in two sizes, Bleu sized stationery in a folder with envelope instructions, a 12" fashion etui presentation duplicated from Jean's antique that employs lots of Cat's Paw jewelry accessories, two different boxes of 4 each tray puzzles to display with dolls, and lastly a fabulous French game board in a little box with two sets of game cards and dominoes.

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