Bliss Trunk 3 - VPD60

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Jean Nordquist's BLISS PAPER COVERED 12" DOLL TRUNK 7-1/4"L x 4-1/8"H x 5-1/8"D

This project includes both the card stock graphics to cover a wooden trunk for a Bleuette sized doll plus the actual wooden trunk itself. What could be simpler. Just cut out the graphics and with your glue, adhere them to the outside of the trunk. My original was just plain wood inside, however you can finish your trunk interior however you would like. You could wall paper it using some of the great scrapbook papers available today -OR - you could line it with material -OR - you could stain it with your favorite wood stain. So many possibilities. The size is just perfect for any dolls ranging in size 4" to 16", although for the larger of these only their clothes would fit inside. I've included a page describing the actual old Bliss block trunk that I've reproduced for you to see. Originally it contained blocks and it was also intended to be turned into a doll's trunk. 

Trunk "Inset Tray, "Feet", "Corners" and "Trim Corners" also available (Links Below).