Bliss 19" Keyhole Style Dollhouse Kit - VPDJN70

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Bliss 19" Keyhole Style Dollhouse Kit - VPDJN70
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I am very proud to introduce our 4th wooden dollhouse kit, a reproduction Bliss Keyhole style. It was originally produced in the late 1890's in this same size. It stands 19"H by 10"W by 9-3/4"D counting the chimney (2-3/4"H) and the base (1-1/2"H).

This is the first house we are offering with interior wallpaper. I have fitted our McLoughlin Folding House wallpapers to fit within this house. The bottom floor is the kitchen and the top either a bedroom or parlor. The scale is 1/2". There are 13 parts including the body of the house which is for the most part assembled for you, one piece at a time, by Ken who has hand cut each piece just like the original.

Comes complete with many step by step photos and instructions divided into five stages outlined as 1) Lay out all parts and supplies 2) Cut and fit all graphics 3) Paint in five colors 4) Glue all graphics and 5) Wax to antique exterior.

Our most ambitious kit to date, when completed as instructed, your Bliss keyhole may fool your friends into thinking it an actual antique. For this reason I suggest you may want to sign and date the bottom.

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